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Siemens Gamesa Awards First Two Offshore-Contracts from Taiwan

Zamudio, Spain - Siemens Gamesa (SGRE) awarded the first two local supply agreements for offshore wind projects in Taiwan in Taipei.

Firstly, Swancor will supply resin used in the blades slated for the Formosa 1 Phase 2 offshore wind power plant. Secondly, the newly-formed partnership between CS Wind and Chin Fong will supply 100%-localized towers to meet the localization requirement on wpd’s Yunlin offshore wind power project in 2021.

The choice of Swancor resin in Formosa 1 Phase 2 blades, due for installation in 2019, comes as the result of months of cooperation between Siemens Gamesa and Swancor, along with a trusted long-term partnership between the two parties. The 120 MW Formosa 1 Phase 2 project will consist of 20 SWT-6.0-154 Direct Drive wind turbines.

Andreas Nauen, Siemens Gamesa’s Offshore CEO said: “Signing our first firm purchase order for local turbine components in Taiwan is a watershed moment for Siemens Gamesa. We’re proud to do so with our long-term partner and industry pioneer Swancor, moving the Taiwanese offshore wind supply chain forward together. We’re furthermore looking forward to expanding our collaboration with Swancor in making Taiwan an offshore wind center in Asia-Pacific.”

Siemens Gamesa also signed a supply contract for local towers from CS Wind and its partner Chin Fong. According to Siemens Gamesa, in the initial step, the partnership will manufacture and supply towers for upcoming Taiwanese projects under local content requirements. The two companies CS Wind and Chin Fong will utilize Chin Fong’s existing facilities at Taichung Harbor to deliver localized towers beginning 2021 to wpd’s Yunlin offshore wind power plant. Siemens Gamesa was awarded preferred supplier status for the project in May 2018. The project is expected to feature 80 SG 8.0-167 DD wind turbines to be installed in two phases.

“CS Wind is a strategic partner of SGRE globally, delivering wind turbine towers to numerous projects around the globe. We strongly believe in the combination of their specialist knowledge with Chin Fong’s skills and strong local connection in Taiwan. Together, they have a great location to serve most of the Taiwanese offshore projects, doing so at an attractive price level with a fast start of production,“ stated Niels Steenberg, Executive General Manager of Siemens Gamesa Offshore for Asia-Pacific.

Source: IWR Online, Oct 10 2018