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Prüftechnik Dieter Busch AG

Oskar-Messter-Str. 19-21
85737 Ismaning
Contact Dr. Edwin Becker (Leiter Diagnostic Center)
Phone +49 89-99616-340
Telefax + 49 89-99616-300
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Company Profile

The PRÜFTECHNIK Group develops and produces measurement systems and software for the condition monitoring and availability optimization of machines and systems, laser alignment devices for machines, and systems for non-destructive materials testing. PRÜFTECHNIK is represented in more than 70 countries by trading partners and subsidiaries.

As part of the globally active PRÜFTECHNIK Group, PRÜFTECHNIK Condition Monitoring GmbH is successfully established in all areas of industrial maintenance through innovative monitoring concepts and intelligent vibration measurement technology for offline and online applications. PRÜFTECHNIK Condition Monitoring has emerged as a vendor-independent system supplier and competent service provider for the wind energy industry. All service activities in the condition monitoring sector are coordinated and handled by experienced specialists in the PRÜFTECHNIK Diagnostic Center in its Ismaning headquarters.

Business Sectors

- Development, manufacture and sales of offline und online CMS for machines with rotating components. - Software for teleservice and condition-oriented maintenance - Service, Seminars, Consulting, Engineering for Condition Monitoring Projects.

Products and Services

Field balancing of rotor blades, on-site assembly, remote installation, Web service, measurement and diagnostic service, Consulting & Engineering, Processing, Documentation, After Sales Service

Offline CMS:
VIBXPERT, 2-channel data collector, balancing device and FFT machine analyzer
VIBSCANNER, mobile FFT data collector, balancing and alignment device as well as signal analyzer
VIBROTIP, portable data collector with 5 measurement functions

Online CMS with automatic eMail transfer:
VIBNODE, 6 or 12-channel CMS for fixed RPM equipment
VIBROWEB XP: 13-channel CMS for variable RPM equipment
VIBGUARD: 20-channel CMS for variable RPM equipment

PC software:
OMNITREND, maintenance software for all PRÜFTECHNIK CMS
OMNITREND Web Report, interactive report module in Web technology

Diagnostic Center:
Checking of machine functions, evaluation of machine conditions, troubleshooting on rotating machines, re-engineering commissioning (on-site or remote deployment with ad-hoc and permanently installed telediagnosis technology)

Basics, technology, diagnostic and equipment seminars

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