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Company Profile

Adwen – Advanced wind energy - is a 50/50 joint venture between AREVA and GAMESA, two global energy leaders.

With a 2.8-GW pipeline, 5 MW and 8 MW turbines, and extensive capabilities in offshore wind, Adwen aims to achieve a 20% market share in Europe by 2020.

The joint-venture is responsible for the design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and services of offshore wind turbines.

Business Sectors

wind energy, offshore wind energy; offshore installation, offshore service, manufacturer for offshore turbines

Products and Services

- Design and manufacturing of offshore wind turbines
- installation of offshore wind turbines
- Service for Adwen offshore turbines.

AD 5 - 116 (ehemals M5000-116)
AD 5 - 132
AD 5 - 135 (ehemals M5000-135)
AD 8 - 180 (8 Megawatt)

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