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ENERTRAG Betrieb GmbH press releases

Future-proof: ENERTRAG drones successfully pass 2nd system validation by German TÜV Rheinland

18.09.2023 | Dauerthal (renewablepress) - The rotor blade inspection including lightning protection measurement by drone has received the second system validation by TÜV Rheinland on 5th of September 2023. Already successfully validated by TÜV Nord last year, ENERTRAG Operation continues to consistently pursue i... more...

Full (solar) power ahead: ENERTRAG Operation takes over operations management of 20 MW large-scale photovoltaic project

05.06.2023 | Dauerthal (renewablepress) - Dauerthal/Germany, June 05, 2023 - 21 hectares of land, 20 MW total output, located at the Uckermark motorway intersection: With the integration of the 20 MW solar field into its technical operations management, ENERTRAG Operation is expanding its position as a full-serv... more...

Right in time for operators: ENERTRAG Operation offers drone inspection in France by 2023

05.12.2022 | Paris/Dauerthal (renewablepress) - What has been part of the standard repertoire of the inspection body of ENERTRAG Operation in Germany since this year and has been classified as a high-quality process by an independent body will also be offered as a service in France by 2023: Rotor blade inspectio... more...

ENERTRAG operation offers drone inspection as a licence model by 2023

26.09.2022 | Dauerthal (renewablepress) - Right in time for the start of WindEnergy 2022 in Hamburg (September 27-30), the operations man-agement and inspection company ENERTRAG Operation announces that its latest product rotor blade inspection including lightning protection system (LPS) measurement by drone wil... more...

ENERTRAG Operation further expands business in France

26.08.2022 | Neuville/Amiens (renewablepress) - ENERTRAG Operation is positive about last year’s efforts with regard to the defined growth and ex-pansion strategy towards the French market. In 2021, ENERTRAG Operation opened a remote moni-toring center in Amiens, France, north of Paris, to supervise French wind ... more...