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GFW Gesellschaft für Windenergie is merging with Deutsche Windtechnik - Rennerod technology centre will continue to provide engineering services

Special designs such as the ground-based winch system (GBWS) are being further developed at the Rennerod technology centre, GFW © Deutsche Windtechnik' />
Special designs such as the ground-based winch system (GBWS) are being further developed at the Rennerod technology centre, GFW's former headquarters.
© Deutsche Windtechnik
Bremen (renewablepress) - Deutsche Windtechnik AG and GFW Gesellschaft für Windenergie GmbH & Co KG have been collaborating since the beginning of 2020 on a wide range of maintenance tasks for wind turbines, in particular for Fuhrländer, Senvion and Nordex turbines. In July 2021, GFW was fully merged with Deutsche Windtechnik, meaning that GFW has ceased to be an independent company. Since this process is simply a transfer of operations, all contracts will remain valid and automatically become the responsibility of Deutsche Windtechnik.

Management will also partially change in the course of the merger: Jürgen Fuhrländer will be heading up Deutsche Windtechnik's new Rennerod technology centre at GFW's former headquarters. Holger Hämel and Severin Mielimonka will remain in their functions as managing directors of Deutsche Windtechnik X-Service GmbH.

Specialised in custom designs and uptower repairs

The main focus at the Rennerod technology centre is on technical engineering of special tools, custom designs for large component replacements and repairs of large components in the turbine (uptower repairs). This includes, for example, further development of the ground-based winch system (GBWS) as a cost-effective alternative to using large cranes. GFW developed the GBWS for Kenersys and Senvion turbines in recent years and is now adapting the system to other turbine types. GFW's operational service business, which was formerly based in Rennerod, will be taken over by Deutsche Windtechnik's service centres in Mücke and Obersontheim.

Jürgen Fuhrländer, head of the Rennerod technology centre, said: “Our cooperation and merger agreement with GFW in January 2020 set the course for future collaboration with a strong partner. The first 18 months of our cooperation proved that this was the right step and immediately led to new projects being carried out. Our expertise in the technical development of custom designs is constantly being challenged and strengthened by the diversity and large number of these projects. Working together in a close, friendly cooperation to move and implement new technologies is our common goal as well as our job."

Matthias Brandt, Director of Deutsche Windtechnik, said: “The restructuring in Rennerod has enabled us to drive GFW's excellent, unique development projects forward with even greater energy and commitment. We are extremely pleased to have Jürgen Fuhrländer and the entire GFW team with their extensive technical expertise, creativity and team spirit on board with the necessary forward-looking perspective."

About Deutsche Windtechnik AG

Bremen-based Deutsche Windtechnik AG offers a single-source full technical maintenance package for wind turbines in Europe, the USA and Taiwan. The company operates both onshore and offshore. More than 7,000 wind turbines are serviced worldwide, by over 1,900 employees, under permanent maintenance contracts (basic and full maintenance). The company's system engineering focuses on Vestas, Siemens, Nordex, Senvion, Fuhrländer, Gamesa, Enercon and GE turbines.

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Caption: Special designs such as the ground-based winch system (GBWS) are being further developed at the Rennerod technology centre, GFW's former headquarters.

Bremen, 06 September 2021

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