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Occupational Safety And Health: Deutsche Windguard Certified To ISO 45001

Varel, Germany - In the Deutsche Windguard group of companies, the topics of Workplace safety and health of employees have a high priority. With the successful certification of the management system for occupational health and safety according to ISO 45001, the independent wind energy service provider has now reached an important milestone.

"The certificate not only strengthens our attractiveness as an employer. As a service provider in the wind energy industry, we now also meet an important requirement that is increasingly decision-relevant for our customers," says Dr. Dennis Kruse, Managing Director of Deutsche Windguard.

According to Tobias Künne, Head of Corporate Governance at Deutsche Windguard, the diversity of tasks within the group of companies requires in-depth expertise and detailed knowledge of the individual work processes, particularly with regard to occupational safety, accident prevention and health protection. "Thus we are very pleased that, in preparation for this certification, our long-term colleague Janina Düpont has completed training as an occupational health and safety specialist and as a qualified person on personal protective equipment," Künne continued.

From extensive updates to the risk assessments for all positions in the company to the optimisation and implementation of processes and safety standard alignment through to the detailed documentation, Janina Düpont accompanied the nearly two-year preparation phase and supported certifier GUTcert GmbH in its extensive audits at the sites in Bremerhaven and Elsfleth as well as at the headquarters in Varel. "The maintenance of our occupational safety and health management is an ongoing process", says Janina Düpont, looking to the future.

The ISO 45001-certified management system for occupational health and safety is an important addition to Deutsche WindGuard’s quality management system, which comprises numerous accreditations and an ISO 9001 certification.

Source: IWR Online, 20 Oct 2021