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World's Largest Floating Offshore Wind Farm Fully Online

Hamburg, Germany - The use of offshore wind energy currently still takes place almost exclusively in shallow waters. But the real potential lies dormant in coastal regions with deep waters.

Work on the development of floating offshore wind turbines is proceeding at full speed. In Scotland, the world's largest floating wind farm is now fully operational and feeding green electricity into the Scottish grid.

World's largest floating offshore wind farm Kincardine produces electricity

The 50 MW Kincardine offshore wind farm is located in Scotland, 15 km off the coast of Aberdeenshire in water depths of 60 to 80 m. Five Vestas V164-9.5 MW offshore turbines and one V80-2 MW turbine were each installed on semi-submersible WindFloat® platforms designed by Principle Power. Electricity production will reach approximately 200 million kWh annually.

Kincardine offshore project forms basis for much larger floating projects

The Kincardine Offshore Wind Farm is not only the largest floating wind farm in the world, it also used the most powerful wind turbines ever installed on floating platforms.

The Kincardine project was initiated in 2014 by Allan MacAskill and Lord Nicol Stephen, today they are managing directors of Flotation Energy plc. In 2016, Spain's Cobra Group joined as the main investor in Kincardine Offshore Windfarm Ltd. (KOWL), and its subsidiary Cobra Wind was responsible for the implementation of the project.

Cobra's Senior Manager, Jose Antonio Fernández: "“The Kincardine project is not only the world’s largest. It has also been a fantastic foundation for other joint venture projects between Cobra and Flotation Energy. Our Round 4 success with the 480MW Morecambe project, our 7GW of bids into the Scotwind leasing round and our White Cross 100MW floating project in the South West are all signs of our confidence in Scotland and the UK.“

Source: IWR Online, 22 Oct 2021