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Delegations From South America Exchange Ideas With Enertrag On Energy Transition And Green Hydrogen

Dauerthal, Germany - In the wake of the worsening climate problem, renewable energies and the ramp-up of the hydrogen economy are rapidly gaining momentum both nationally and internationally. Delegations from Colombia and Uruguay also exchanged views on the potential of green hydrogen and possible cooperation during a visit to Enertrag.

The renewable energy service provider and specialist for green hydrogen Enertrag has received high-ranking visits from government representatives from Colombia and Uruguay in recent days and also presented the Uckermark integrated power plant. The focus of the exchange with the representatives of the two South American countries was on the topics of energy transition, renewable energies and green hydrogen as well as possible cooperation approaches, including in the field of green hydrogen.

Enertrag provides insights into the Uckermark combined power plant and the production of green hydrogen

Enertrag bundles more than 600 megawatts of diversified renewable generation capacity in the Uckermark integrated power plant, where it produces both electricity and green hydrogen. The expansion target of the integrated power plant includes a plannable output in the gigawatt range. Nationally and internationally, more than 700 MW of power-to-X projects being developed by Enertrag are in the pipeline. Especially in the planning of large-scale hydrogen projects, Enertrag is considered a leader.

At the hybrid power plant, ENERTRAG CEO Jörg Müller illustrated how renewable energies already fulfil all important system functions, including ensuring grid stability, while at the same time minimising fluctuations by producing and storing green hydrogen. During the visit of the South American delegations, in the control center Enertrag also demonstrated how the analyzation and monitoring of more than 1,000 wind turbines worldwide as well as other system components such as battery storage and the hybrid power plant around the clock works.

Colombia with great potential for RE expansion and green hydrogen

Another topic during the visit of the Colombian delegation was the transformation of the former German coalfield Lausitz into a region for the production of renewable energies and hydrogen. Enertrag is also pursuing similar approaches in South Africa. Parallels, synergies and practical approaches between Germany and Colombia to the coal phase-out were discussed.

In Colombia, too, the expansion of renewable energies is currently being pushed. Colombia wants to halve its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and be CO2 neutral by 2050. Due to the excellent framework conditions, Enertrag sees great potential for renewable energies and the production of hydrogen in the South American country. The stable political and advantageous economic conditions also make Colombia very interesting for long-term partnerships and investments, according to Enertrag.

Development of a hydrogen economy and hydrogen export in Uruguay on the agenda

During the visit of the delegation from Uruguay, the H2Global Foundation, of which Enertrag is a founding member, and the resulting opportunities were also an important topic of discussion. The aim of the German government's H2Global initiative is to create an efficient support program for a rapid market ramp-up and import of green hydrogen-based products to Germany.

Within a very short time, Uruguay has become independent of fossil fuels and electricity imports. This is due in part to a high proportion of hydroelectric power, but also to the rapid expansion of wind energy, which already accounts for about 40 percent of the electricity mix and has contributed to a significant reduction in electricity generation costs. To further complement wind energy, photovoltaic capacity is also to be expanded in the coming years.

The country is currently a net exporter of electricity and expects further surpluses in the coming years. Recently, Omar Paganini, the minister responsible for energy, announced that Uruguay plans to develop its own hydrogen strategy and commit to the production and export of green hydrogen.

"We are very pleased to meet ENERTRAG and its renewable systems, particularly the role that this type of companies could play in fostering green hydrogen in Uruguay. The combination of private investment and public promotion schemes will be necessary to achieve our second energy transition," said Energy Minister Paganini during the delegation visit.

Source: IWR Online, 16 Nov 2021