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Vestas Introduces More Powerful Version Of Enventus Platform

Aarhus, Denmark - To drive the expansion of wind energy and enable better adaptation to sites with medium to strong wind, Vestas has developed another variant of the EnVentus platform based on its modular product development approach.

The now unveiled V162-6.8 MW features flexible power ratings of 6.5 MW, 6.8 MW and 7.2 MW and expanded site applicability through an optional larger Cooler Top, the free-flow air cooler on top of the nacelle housing.

The V162-6.8 MW can be deployed worldwide, according to Vestas, and combines increased power rating with operational flexibility to deliver up to 7 percent higher annual energy production (AEP), depending on project-specific conditions. The performance increases are achieved through improvements in the drivetrain and power conversion systems.

The V162-6.8 MW is also easier to transport because it is based on Vestas' new modularized nacelle concept. Here, the nacelle is divided into the main nacelle house with the powertrain and the side compartment with the power system including converter and transformer. Both nacelle compartments are dimensionally designed to correspond to general industry logistics standards for road, rail, and ocean transportation with less need for specialised handling, Vestas said. Since the launch of the EnVentus platform in 2019, Vestas has received orders for more than 5,000 megawatts across 13 different markets on four continents.

"The V162-6.8 MW demonstrates how our modular product development enhances our ability to continuously innovate and lead the industry in developing customisable and sustainable energy solutions that meet our customers’ needs", said Vestas Chief Technology Officer Anders Nielsen.

Shares of the RENIXX group are developing without momentum in today's trading. Currently, the share price is up 0.24 percent at 29.31 euros (Nov. 23, 2021; 1:36 p.m., Stuttgart Stock Exchange).

Source: IWR Online, 23 Nov 2021