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Transaction: Energiequelle Sells French Wind Farm To EKZ

Villers-le-Tourneur, France - Swiss-based EKZ Renewables AG has purchased the Villers-le-Tourneur wind farm in France from Energiequelle. Energiequelle acquired the project together with its French subsidiary P&T Technologie and then further planned, developed and built it.

The wind farm is located in the Grand-Est region near the Belgian border and includes five Nordex N-117 turbines, each with a hub height of 90 m and a total capacity of 15 MW. The turbines successfully went into operation in the summer of this year (2021) and have since been supplying around 10,000 households with electricity on a calculated basis. The wind farm will be remunerated via the feed-in tariff applicable in France over a term of 20 years. Villers-le-Tourneur is the sixth wind farm of Swiss-based EKZ in France and increases the company's portfolio from 38 to a total of 43 turbines and an installed capacity of 95 MW.

Energiequelle has sold three wind and solar farms in France this year, with two more transactions planned in 2022 for a total of 27 MW.

Energiequelle GmbH is active in project planning and operational management of wind energy, biomass and photovoltaic plants as well as substations and storage facilities. Energiequelle is headquartered in Kallinchen near Berlin. Further locations are in Bremen, Oldenburg, Hanover, Putlitz, Penzing, Erfurt, Dresden, Rostock, Magdeburg and Wiesbaden as well as Rennes, Dijon and Royan (France) and Helsinki (Finland). With over 300 employees and more than 750 installed plants with a total output of around 1,400 MW, Energiequelle is a leading company in the industry.

Source: IWR Online, 20 Dec 2021