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Expansion: Energiequelle Puts New Enercon Turbines Into Operation In Brandenburg

Pitschen-Pickel, Kallinchen / Germany - Project developer Energiequelle has expanded an existing wind farm in Brandenburg to a total of 115 turbines by adding 3 new Enercon E-138 wind turbines.

The sites of the turbines with a rated output of 3.5 megawatts (MW) are located in Pitschen-Pickel and Falkenberg (Dahme-Spreewald district). In total, the expansion project has a capacity of 10.5 MW. In order for the five surrounding municipalities of Luckau, Drahnsdorf, Heideblick, Dahmetal and Dahme/Mark to participate financially, they will receive 10,000 euros per turbine proportional to area for each year of operation.

"For more than 20 years, we have had a good relationship with the community, local residents and local partners and are pleased about the joint commitment to implementing the energy transition," says project manager Sascha Hilpert about the successful implementation of the project.

In total, Energiequelle has commissioned eight wind and solar farms in 2021 and received permits for plants with a capacity of 315 MW.

Energiequelle GmbH, headquartered in Kallinchen near Berlin, has been active internationally since 1997 as a project developer and operator of wind energy, biomass and photovoltaic plants as well as substations and storage facilities. With over 300 employees and more than 750 plants erected throughout Europe with a total output of around 1,400 MW, Energiequelle is a leading company in the industry.

Source: IWR Online, 17 Jan 2022