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Deutsche Windtechnik Receives World's First ADSL Approval for Offshore Wind Farm

Bremen, Germany - In May 2022, Deutsche Windtechnik had upgraded all wind turbines of the Nordergründe offshore wind farm with ist proprietary transponder-based Aircraft Detection Light System (ADSL system).

The operating permit has now been issued by the relevant authorities. This makes the Nordergründe offshore wind farm the world's first nearshore wind farm to have its light emissions reduced to a minimum.

"The installation of our ADLS at the offshore wind farm Nordergründe went smoothly. We equipped two turbines with our ADLS and put them into test operation during the previous months, so we were very well prepared and could equip the remaining sixteen turbines within a short period of time. We completed up to two turbines on each day of work", says Jens Landwehr, managing director of Deutsche Windtechnik's offshore unit.

In the process, all services were implemented and supported by offshore service teams or employees of Deutsche Windtechnik's Technical Controlling, Technical Support and Control, including supplying the ADLS, installing it, upgrading the warning lights, the entire range of offshore logistics, and support with the approval procedures.

"Our internal processes for installing our ADLS at offshore wind farms have now proven themselves in a real-world scenario. This makes us a pioneer in the global offshore market, and we are ideally positioned to retrofit ADLS at other offshore wind farms," says Landwehr with a view to further ADSL projects.

Source: IWR Online, 05 Aug 2022