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Lidar And Sodar Reference Site: Geo-Net Erects 200 m High Wind Measuring Mast Near Hanover

Hanover, Germany - Wind turbines are becoming increasingly efficient with greater hub heights, larger rotors and more powerful generators, and wind power is becoming cheaper. However, the larger the turbines, the greater the challenges, especially when it comes to planning or preparing yield assessments.

In order to keep the uncertainties as low as possible, a yield assessment needs reference data on wind speed as close as possible to the planned hub height. Many existing wind turbines are now too low compared to the current turbine generations, so that a wind measurement for yield prediction in the height ranges relevant in practice today becomes necessary as a reference.

For reasons of cost and time, lidar devices are often used, which in turn have to be verified on a reference mast. For this purpose, the wind assessors of Geo-Net Umweltconsulting GmbH have now erected a 200 m high wind measuring mast for the verification of Lidar and Sodar devices near Hanover. The site is centrally located, easily accessible via the A2, A7 and A27 motorways and offers good wind conditions. Unlike a coastal site, near Hanover is a more representative inland site where wind shear, turbulence and precipitation in particular are comparable, which in turn reduces uncertainties in the yield assessment, Geo-Net says.

The reference mast is equipped with special instrumentation for measuring turbulence and meteorological parameters in order to use the measurement data for various research and development projects in the fields of wind energy, meteorology and climatology. In these areas, GEO-NET is already working closely and successfully with Leibniz Universität Hannover and Fraunhofer IWES in the joint projects EWiNo, SUnDAY and ADLER.

Source: IWR Online, 15 Sep 2022