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Capital Base Strengthened: Wpd Focuses On Sustainable Growth - Wind Projects In Bosnia And Herzegovina

Bremen, Germany - At Wpd, the signs are pointing to sustainable growth following the sale of the offshore division and a strengthening of the capital base. "This will ensure our sustainable growth in both the wind onshore and PV sectors and will forge a very strong position for the future.

Besides expanding our projects and reinforcing the teams, we are planning to double the company’s own 2.3 GW portfolio in the next three to four years", explains Wpd CEO Björn Nullmeyer.

Currently, Wpd has signed two concession agreements in Bosnia and Herzegovina through Wpd Adria, thereby gaining legal certainty for the development of the ?adilj and Marino Brdo projects with a total capacity of 264 MW. Wpd Adria has been active for more than two decades and has so far realised four wind farms in Croatia with a total installed capacity of 92 MW.

Last year, Wpd financed 22 projects in Germany in Lower Saxony, Brandenburg, Saxony-Anhalt, North Rhine-Westphalia, Thuringia, Hesse and Schleswig-Holstein with a capacity of 380 MW. Some of the projects with wind turbines from the manufacturers Vestas, Enercon, GE and Nordex are already under construction and will be connected to the grid by 2023. In the coming years, the team will work on a 4.5 GW project pipeline for wind and solar across Germany.

Internationally, the financing of the Swedish wind farm Stöllsäterberget was successfully concluded with KfW IPEX-Bank in August 2022. The 47.2 MW wind farm with eight turbines from the manufacturer Nordex will go into operation at the end of 2023. The “green” electricity will be purchased by a large international tech company with which a 10-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) has been signed.

In the meantime, the installation of the turbines has begun in the Finnish projects Karhunnevankangas with 33 turbines and Nuolivaara with 17 turbines of type Nordex N163 in the 5.7 MW class. "But in France, too, we are currently working full speed ahead on the planning and implementation of a 2 GW pipeline. Seven wind projects alone with a total volume of almost 90 MW are currently under construction, and permits have been obtained for the first solar projects", explains Dr Brösamle.

Overseas, the team is working on projects totalling 1.5 GW in North America, while the largest wind farm in South America, with 233 MW in Chile alone, is already on the grid. "On the global scale, we see enormous growth rates in the Asian markets. We are reflecting this trend with project developments to the extent of around 800 MW in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Mongolia", emphasises the Wpd Executive Board

Source: IWR Online, 27 Sep 2022