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Q-Energy Opens New Locations in Hamburg And Wiesbaden

Berlin, Germany - Q-Energy Deutschland GmbH is on an expansion course and is opening additional locations in Germany.

With currently more than 130 employees and over 50 wind projects in its portfolio, the expansion is the next milestone to ensure local proximity to the project regions, Q-Energy announced.

"With the opening of the new locations in Hamburg and Wiesbaden, we are continuing our expansion course and are also consistently pursuing the strategy of being successful with close proximity to residents and communities," said Borja Caruana, managing director of Q-Energy Deutschland GmbH.

Q-Energy Deutschland is currently implementing projects in Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland and the United Kingdom. Since 2007, Q-Energy has already invested over 11 billion euros in renewable energy projects worldwide.

Source: IWR Online, 03 Oct 2022