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Nordex Turbines: VSB Commissions 40 MW Wind Farm In Finland

Kalajoki, Finland / Dresden, Germany - Project developer VSB has connected the Finnish Juurakko wind farm to the grid following its inauguration. Seven wind turbines from wind turbine manufacturer Nordex (N163/5.X) with a total capacity of 40 MW are now producing environmentally friendly electricity.

The wind farm was developed and built by VSB Uusiutuva Energia Suomi Oy, the Finnish subsidiary of the internationally active project developer VSB. The park is owned by Helen and the Ålandsbanken Wind Power Special Investment Fund.

"This was the VSB Group’s first project in Finland. Thanks to the smooth and transparent cooperation with decision makers from the town of Kalajoki, landowners, contractors and Nordex, as well as Helen and Ålandsbanken, the project was successfully completed on time", said Jean-Marc Bazenet, Chief International Officer of the VSB Group.

In addition to the Juurakko wind farm, Helen, together with the Ålandsbanken Wind Power Special Investment Fund, acquired the Karahka wind farm, with a capacity of approximately 150 MW, from the VSB Group in July 2022. The wind farm is currently under construction and commissioning is planned for 2024.

Wind power generation in Finland can increase strongly in the current year 2022. From January to today (03.11.2022), 9.3 billion kWh (previous year: 6.2 billion kWh) of wind power has been fed into the Finnish grid so far, an increase of 50 percent.

Source: IWR Online, 04 Nov 2022