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Enertrag Reaches Milestone With Green Hydrogen Project in Industrial Park Near Magdeburg

Dauerthal, Germany - Enertrag is currently developing a number of green hydrogen projects in northern and central Germany. Shortly after the turn of the year, Enertrag announced the signing of a contract for the delivery of a 10 MW electrolyser. Now another milestone has been reached for the ramp-up of a hydrogen project in Saxony-Anhalt.

The renewable energy service provider Enertrag is working on the realisation of a green hydrogen reference project in the Osterweddingen industrial park near Magdeburg. With the commissioning of a total of eight diaphragm compressors, which compress the hydrogen for various applications, Enertrag is now taking another important step in the implementation of the project.

10 MW electrolyser initially produces two tonnes of green hydrogen per day

In the first expansion stage of the Enertrag project in Osterweddingen near Magdeburg, initially about two tonnes of green hydrogen per day will be produced with a 10 MW PEM electrolyser. Enertrag will operate the electrolyser in a system-serving manner to compensate for fluctuations in the generation of electricity from wind and sun and thus relieve the power grid.

The hydrogen produced will contribute to decarbonize heavy industry. In addition, it is planned to use the hydrogen in the transport sector as fuel for long-haul transport and to generate electricity during a " dunkelflaute", as well as to feed into hydrogen pipelines. There is an option to expand the electrolysis site at a later date.

Realisation contract for compression, storage and filling concluded

Enertrag has now concluded a contract with the companies Streicher Anlagenbau from Gommern and Neuman & Esser from Übach-Palenberg for the realisation of the compression, storage and filling necessary for the further utilisation of the hydrogen.

Streicher Anlagenbau will be responsible for the technical and commercial project management, the planning of the entire plant and the coordination of the trades involved. The solution provider for sector integration and hydrogen technology, which is based in the region of the industrial park, will also take on the tasks of piping, storage and system completion in the project.

Neuman & Esser is responsible for the compression technology. The hydrogen solutions provider is supplying the compressor units required for compression as part of the project and will support Streicher in integrating them into the overall system. A total of eight diaphragm compressors (4+4, in two project phases) will compress the hydrogen for different applications. Four compressors will compress 90 kg of hydrogen per hour to 121 bar(a) for feeding into the natural gas grid and another four will compress 45 kg per hour to 501 bar(a) for filling trailers.

Location offers many purchase opportunities for green hydrogen in the industrial and mobility sectors

"Enertrag is very proud to accomplish this project, at this great location in the middle of Germany, with many possibilities of deployment, both in industry and in the mobility sector. With this reference plant, we will produce hydrogen from renewable energies on an industrial scale," says Manuela Blaicher, Head of Department Project Development PtX at Enertrag, about the importance of the project. "On the way to the energy transition, this project represents for us another important milestone in the right direction. We are very pleased to be able to contribute with the wide experience of our services portfolio," adds Sandra Moder, Managing Director of Streicher Anlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG.

Source: IWR Online, 01 Mar 2023