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Milestone: Capacity of Timmons Group RE Projects in Operation Exceeds 1,000 MW

Richmond, USA - Timmons Group, a Richmond, Virginia-based multidisciplinary engineering and technology company in the United States, has surpassed 1,000 MW (1 GW) of operating clean energy capacity with its renewable energy civil engineering team.

In addition, Timmons has designed and received permits for more than 3,500 MW (3.5 GW) of clean energy projects, with 662 MW of projects currently under construction.

Timmons Group provides civil engineering, environmental engineering, GIS/geospatial technology, structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, landscape architecture and surveying services to a broad client base. The group established its renewable energy office seven years ago and has developed extensive relationships with many industry-leading renewable energy developers and EPCs (engineering, procurement, construction).

Source: IWR Online, 17 Mar 2023