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Qualitas Energy Acquires Project Rights With 56.7 MW Wind Capacity

Berlin, Germany - Qualitas Energy has acquired greenfield project rights for a wind farm with a capacity of 56.7 MW.

The in-house project development team aims to plan a wind farm with a total of 8 turbines to supply more than 38,000 households in the future. The project development will be carried out in close cooperation with the seller, Qualitas Energy announced.

Borja Caruana, Managing Director of Qualitas Energy Deutschland GmbH: "At Qualitas Energy, we are focused on growth, acquiring project rights for greenfield developments as well as existing parks for repowering projects throughout Germany."

The company plans to invest around EUR 1.2 billion in the acquisition and development of repowering and greenfield projects in Germany. This is intended to expand the internal project development pipeline to a total capacity of 4 GW (4,000 MW).

Qualitas Energy Deutschland GmbH is part of the Spanish Qualitas Energy Group. Qualitas Energy is an investment and management platform that focuses on investments in renewable energies, the energy transition and sustainable infrastructure.

Source: IWR Online, 02 Jul 2024