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Maintenance: New blade Blade Bending Sensor from Bachman Advances Predictive Maintenance in Wind

Rudolstadt, Germany - The Condition Monitoring expert Bachmann Monitoring GmbH from Rudolstadt is introducing a new, state-of-the-art technology for rotor blade monitoring of wind turbines in the form of the Cantilver Sensor (CLS).

By measuring the blade deflection, the CLS enables precise detection of rotor blade elongation in real time. In doing so, the CLS offers a wider measuring range and is more durable than conventional strain gauges, Bachmann said. Easy to install, the sensor facilitates optimized pitch control with early ice and fault detection to improve predictive maintenance of turbine blades both on- and offshore.

The displacement measurement technologies used in the sensor provide precise measurement results with low tolerance values (+/-0.5µm). Compared to conventional strain gauges, the sensor can measure over a distance approximately 12 times longer, so that the results are unaffected by local inhomogeneities of the material, according to the company. With its non-contacting measurement technique, the sensor is designed for harsh environmental conditions, resulting in significantly improved durability and long-term repeatability of measurements.

Source: IWR Online, Dec 12 2020