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Bachmann Expands Know-how Through Acquisition of Condition Monitoring Specialist

Feldkirch, Austria - The Austrian Bachmann Group is expanding its scientific condition monitoring expertise. Bachmann is drawing on the know-how of Indalyz Monitoring & Prognostics GmbH (IM&P), which is specialized in the development, implementation and operation of intelligent monitoring software.

Focus on IM&P's scientific expertise in predictive maintenance

In January 2021, Bachmann Group announced the acquisition of German tech start-up Indalyz Monitoring & Prognostics GmbH (IM&P), based in Halle (Saale) and founded by renowned physicist Professor Michael Schulz. Bachmann's main motivation for the acquisition is to expand the company's competencies to include the ability to apply the latest mathematical methods to real-world challenges, such as further expansion into the offshore wind market.

Schulz, who hails from Halle an der Saale, and his team of experts at IM&P are specialized in the development, implementation and operation of intelligent monitoring software. Their goal: to optimize predictive and preventive maintenance - Predictive Maintenance (PdM) - by developing innovative algorithms incorporating new mathematical models for complex systems. By solving real-world problems through scientific mathematical approaches and their application, Bachmann intends to use this step to further strengthen its condition monitoring service offering worldwide across all customer industries.

"With Bachmann, we know we are in good hands. This move opens up the possibility to apply our existing algorithms to a much broader industrial demographic, as well as to develop new ones in response to individual challenges", says Professor Schulz. After many years of successful cooperation with Bachmann Monitoring, he is pleased to have become part of the team. The combination of IM&P's expertise with Bachmann's diverse range of applications application portfolio opens up a wide range of new perspectives for the company, Schulz adds.

The addition of IM&P also secures the further development of Bachmann's certified remote monitoring center. This center currently employs a large team of experts who diagnose more than 7,000 machines and plants worldwide (ships, onshore and offshore wind turbines, cable cars, tunnel fans, vertical mills and much more), promptly detecting faults before they lead to serious damage.

Acquisition of IM&P strengthens Bachmann, especially in offshore wind energy

Bachmann expects the new partnership to significantly enhance its condition monitoring products and services, especially in the fast-growing offshore wind power sector. Higher prediction accuracy, especially with new characteristic values, is expected to drastically improve the reliable early detection of faults, so that turbine and machine operators are alerted to an impending problem long before actual damage occurs. This will make maintenance planning easier and safer, while reducing overall costs for repairs and system installations. According to Bachmann, holistic monitoring concepts with sufficient prediction horizons for safe maintenance planning are absolutely necessary, especially for the future "offshore floating platforms". Only in this way can these high investments actually be effectively protected and operated profitably in the long term.

Source: IWR Online, May 05 2021