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Annual Balance Sheet: Availability at Nordergründe Offshore Wind Farm Higher Than Contractually Guaranteed

Bremen, Germany - Following the insolvency of turbine manufacturer Senvion in April 2020, Deutsche Windtechnik initially temporarily took over the machine service for the 18 Senvion 6.2M 126 wind turbines (WTGs) at the Nordergründe offshore wind farm. In September 2020, the company was then able to prevail in the tendering process.

One year after taking over the complete service for the Nordergründe offshore wind farm, Deutsche Windtechnik draws a more than satisfactory balance. With an availability of 98.8 percent on an annual average, the value for Nordergründe is above the contractually guaranteed value. The six-year full-service contract includes complete maintenance with guaranteed availability. In addition to full maintenance of the WTGs including large components, Deutsche Windtechnik is also responsible for troubleshooting, remote fault clearance, spare parts management, logistics and everything related to the balance of plants, such as maintenance of the transition pieces and the foundations above and below water.

Deutsche Windtechnik was awarded the full-service contract by the investors and operators of the Nordergründe offshore wind farm, which include wind farm planner / project developer and operator Wpd, as well as John Laing Group PLC and Gothaer Insurance Group. "One-stop support in terms of operations management as well as maintenance and repair of the entire wind farm has already proven to be very beneficial. We see this as a model for the future, also with regard to the operating phase after the end of the fixed feed-in tariff," says the managing director of the operating company Eckhard Stürtz, drawing a positive balance.

Matthias Brandt, CEO of Deutsche Windtechnik, emphasizes the experience of Deutsche Windtechnik's technicians in the various offshore disciplines. "This enables us to enhance our service concept with a high degree of flexibility. We pay particular attention to the downtimes of the turbines and the logistics," says Brandt. As an experienced specialist for Senvion technologies, Deutsche Windtechnik has all of the necessary onshore and offshore components at their disposal, including large components, he added.

Source: IWR Online, Jun 06 2021