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Wind Service: Enertrag Betrieb Offers Drone Inspection As A Licence Model

Dauerthal, Germany - The operations management and inspection company Enertrag Betrieb GmbH will also be using a licence model for rotor blade inspections in the future. The model includes rotor blade inspections and lightning protection measurements by drone.

In the process developed, the rotor blades of wind turbines are flown over. At the same time, a high-resolution camera mounted on the drone takes pictures of the rotor blades from various angles, which can then be analysed in detail. At the same time, a field strength measuring device, which is also attached to the drone, detects a voltage applied to the root of the blade by means of a high-voltage generator along the lightning protection line of the rotor blade. In the event of an interruption, this can be localised using the data collected.

The drone inspection was developed by the partners Enertrag Betrieb and Sulzer Schmid Laboratories AG and launched on the market in May 2022. It consists of two components: On the one hand, the automated flight patterns and the data evaluation platform 3DX™ Blade Platform from Sulzer Schmid Laboratories AG, and on the other hand, the method developed by Enertrag Betrieb for measuring lightning protection on wind turbines using a drone.

As Enertrag Betrieb points out, in combination, the components make it possible to carry out rotor blade inspections and lightning protection measurements smarter, faster and safer than was previously possible.

Source: IWR Online, Sep 09 2022