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Testing and Examination

After a research stage the offshore wind energy increasingly reaches the phase of industrialisation. A competent, active research landscape is a prerequisite for successful development of the offshore wind energy industry. Fundamental research, together with applied research at universities of applied sciences and industrial research, are the cornerstones of a prospering economy.

Large, high-performance testing and examination centres are an important component of offshore wind energy research. In these centres of competence, for example, situations in turbines and in systems can be simulated and new testing methods can be developed.


Offshore Wind industry testing and examination centres


Wind energy center of excellence


Institution/ company /university Category


Østerild Wind Turbine Test Field Technical University of Denmark Test Stand Denmark
Large wave channel

ForschungsZentrum Küste

Foundings Germany
Support structures of onshore- and offshore wind turbines

University of Hannover
Fraunhofer IWES

Foundings Germany
Rotor blade test centre Fraunhofer IWES Gondola Germany
Offshore Wind Turbine Test facility SSE Test Site UK




Note: The list is getting extended regularly