an industry sector with future perspecitves

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The expansion of offshore wind energy represents an important element in the achievement of national and international climate protection targets. Along with the excellent potential for wind electricity from the sea, exploitation of offshore wind energy also offers great opportunities for the economy. The transition of energy systems towards renewable energies creates new areas of economic activity and opportunities for value creation and employment.

Offshore turbine operation and service bring opportunities for value creation and employment on a regional level in particular. Industrial value creation, i.e. manufacturing of offshore wind turbines, converter platforms, grid infrastructure, service vessels etc. is spread across many regions in different countries. Finally, the companies and bodies within the maritime industry (ports) who make the infrastructure available also reap the benefits.


Regional economies – adding value

Greater use of wind energy at sea and increased electricity production strengthen regional economies and secure local employment. Over the next few years, particularly with continued expansion of offshore wind energy, the market for operation and service will continue to grow, thereby securing additional employment in the region.

Industry and Services

The offshore wind industry, i.e. the industrial economy, is spread around the world. Along with manufacturers of offshore wind turbines in coastal areas, supplier industries in different countries also enjoy the benefits. Industrial wind energy research and the services sector also have an impact.

Maritime Economy

As well as businesses that are already established within the wind energy sector, businesses in the maritime economy, in particular, also benefit from the expansion of the offshore wind energy industry. As they take on the diverse range of functions associated with the expansion of wind energy at sea, new business areas and sources of revenue develop for ports, which in turn is associated with additional employment benefits.