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Wind energy specialist professions in the offshore sector

International expansion of offshore wind energy consumption is leading to increased demand for specialists in the area. Engineers, metal engineering specialists and service technicians are particularly sought after. New job opportunities are becoming available in coastal regions, due to their geographic proximity to offshore wind farms, but also at manufacturers and supplier companies within the wind energy sector.

Education and training

Because offshore wind energy is a young area of industry, specific qualification requirements for workers in the offshore sector are still being developed to some extent. Nevertheless, there is already a wide range of options available.

Specialised training opportunities within the offshore sectors have, to date, been rather rare. At present, offshore wind energy specialists generally undergo traditional vocational training to begin with, and then pursue further training in order to qualify for employment with offshore wind farms.

Studying offshore wind energy

Offshore Wind energy is already offered as a specialised subject module as part of a range of traditional programmes of study. On the other hand, specialised study programmes oriented towards offshore wind energy are still the exception.


Offshore Wind Energy Education and Training Centres


Institution/ company /university Education


Technical University of Denmark Dual degree Master of Science in Engineering in Offshore Wind Energy Denmark

Delft University of Technology

MSc in Wind Energy Netherlands

Carl von Ossietzky Univ. Oldenburg

European Wind Energy Master Germany




Note: The list is getting extended regularly