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Nightly Flashing: ADLS from Lanthan Safe Sky Approved for Offshore Deployment

Walldorf, Germany – Equipping wind turbines with aircraft detection light systems (ADLS) is not only important in the onshore segment, but also for offshore wind turbines.

The Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) has now confirmed the type certified transponder ADL system STHDS4.0 of Lanthan Safe Sky GmbH as an offshore ADSLS. Thus the transponder ADLS, which was developed for offshore use from the beginning, is now officially approved for this area.

"We are convinced that our ADLS, which can be deeply integrated into wind farms, is fit-for-purpose for offshore projects. With our experience in the integration of systems into offshore WTGs and the SCADA infrastructure of the transition piece, on the offshore substation and in the wind farm, we are developing the ideal solution for offshore projects with the respective operators and suppliers of aviation light systems and sea mark controllers", says Lorenz-H. Carstensen of Lanthan Safe Sky.

Thanks to the preparatory work and cooperation with the manufacturers, Lanthan Safe Sky has, by its own account, succeeded in offering a fully compliant ADLS for which no aviation-light hardware normally need to be replaced. "By making use of the existing infrastructure, we thus avoid costly installation work on the wind turbines themselves", adds Lorenz-H. Carstensen.

Source: IWR Online, 07 Oct 2020