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Ready for new projects and partnerships: Market entry of wpd in Greece

Bremen, Germany - Bremen-based project developer and operator of renewable energy projects Wpd is setting its sights on the Greek renewable energy (RE) market.

Through its own companies Wpd Hellas Onshore and Wpd Solar Hellas, the Greek market for onshore and offshore wind energy and solar energy is to be developed from the Athens location with the support of the German Wpd team. In doing so, the Greek companies will also benefit from Wpd's diverse know-how and extensive, long-standing experience in the field of renewable energies.

In the field of onshore wind, Wpd is focusing its project development on proprietary and greenfield developments and the establishment of new cooperations. Based on the negotiations currently underway, an extensive pipeline is to be built up in the coming months. "With an investment plan comprising over 500 MW, wpd will dynamically position itself in the currently very active Greek market and successfully implement new projects and partnerships", says Aris Liaskos, Head of Project Development at Wpd Hellas onshore, looking optimistically to the future:

Wpd Solar Hellas will establish its own portfolio of PV projects as an independent subsidiary in addition to the cooperation with Zephiros EPE, where three PV portfolios with a total capacity of 345 MW are currently being developed. The goal is to participate in the government auctions this year and then to realize and operate the portfolios.

As one of the world's leading companies in offshore wind, Wpd will also leverage its vast experience in this sector in Greece. Organizationally, the offshore sector is initially docked with the solar company Wpd Solar Hellas. "We are open to cooperations and opportunities in the Greek market", says Constantinos Faitatzoglou, head of project development at Wpd Solar Hellas and contact person for offshore inquiries with regard to this business field.

Source: IWR Online, 21 May 2021