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Nearly 800 megawatts: GE wins wind turbine orders in Colorado and Brazil

Schenectady, USA - GE won 545 megawatts (MW) of orders for wind turbines in Brazil's A-3 auction and will supply Golden West Power Partners LLC with 147 GE 1.7-100 brilliant wind turbines for the Golden West Wind Farm in El Paso County.

Brazil In Brazil, the total amount of energy auctioned was 867 MW and GE secured 63 percent of the auction capacity. GE will provide 1.7-100 and 1.85-82.5 turbines for wind farms developed by Casa dos Ventos, Eletrosul, Contour Global, CEEE, PEC, Rio Energy and Chesf in the Brazilian states of Rio Grande do Sul, Bahia and Piau

Source: IWR Online, 21 Nov 2013