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Vestas Cuts Jobs in Germany and Denmark

Aarhaus, Denmark - Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas is responding to the changed product and market situation by reducing production of rotor blades in Europe. This affects jobs at the sites in Lauchhammer (Germany) and Lem (Denmark).

Vestas launches new products into the wind market to reduce costs and meet customer demand. As a result, the product portfolio will be changed "at a historically high pace," Vestas said. To meet the manufacturing requirements of the changing product portfolio - including the introduction of the EnVentus platform and 4 MW platform variants - Vestas intends to scale down production of V136 blades and invest in other blade types and capabilities according to market demand.

The reduction in V136 rotor blade production in Europe has an impact on the Lauchhammer site in Germany. The planned reduction in the workforce will involve around 500 employees, a decrease of around 50 percent. According to Vestas, this will primarily affect temporary workers and third party personnel. In Denmark, 90 employees are losing their jobs. The Lauchhammer plant will continue to produce V117 rotor blades and increase production, whereas production of V136 rotor blades will continue at a significantly reduced rate.

In Lem, Denmark, V136 rotor blade production is completely discontinued. Nevertheless, the Lem site will remain the hub of Vestas’ blade innovation and will continue producing all blade prototypes and test blades for the entire Vestas product portfolio, production of blade moulds and introduction of new blade variants to the market (e.g. EnVentus blades). Vestas still has 2,300 employees in Germany after the personnel reduction, and the company had a total of 24,500 employees worldwide as of June 30, 2019.

Source: IWR Online, Sep 09 2019