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Lanthan Safe Sky Successfully Concludes Founding Year and Looks Optimistically to 2021

Walldorf, Germany - Lanthan Safe Sky GmbH can look back at a successful founding year and begins a new one full of potential.

The company, which is specialized in Aircraft Detection Warning System (ADLS) for wind turbines, was founded in spring 2020 as a joint venture between the three companies AIR Avionics, RECASE and Lanthan. Since then, a team of just under twelve members has grown to over 30 employees in nine months. The company's goal is to increase the acceptance of wind turbines with its BNK solution and thus support the energy transition.

To achieve this, Lanthan Safe Syk relies on a transponder BNK system that was developed by team members of the company and ensures that obstacle warning lights on wind turbines only shine when an aircraft is close by. "Even in the airspace close to airports we are able to reach beaconing off-time periods on average of 98 percent, in many cases close to 100 percent," says Lanthan Safe Sky Managing Director Mitja Klatt.

As the first supplier of a transponder based ADLS system to have passed through all the licensing and approval processes, Lanthan Safe Sky was able to secure orders to equip more than 3000 wind turbines. Many projects have already been successfully equipped. As many as 100 projects are currently in the implementation phase, the company says. "This success is not only based on our expertise, but also on absolute cost transparency for our customers. Our offers are individually tailored from single WTGs up to complete parks and there are no hidden costs. We offer our products fully licensed, which means there are no patent related risks for the operators", says Steven Siemen, lead project Management at Lanthan Safe Sky GmbH.

The company has again set ambitious goals for 2021. Production and project implementation will successively be increased, ensuring customers the possibility of extensive and widespread retrofitting with the tailored ADLS system, one year in advance of the statutory deadline to do so. With new partnerships, Lanthan Safe Sky aims to continuously optimize processes and offerings. In addition, new products are in the pipeline, which are intended to provide affordable solutions for smaller projects to make available the Lathan Safe Sky transponder based ADLS system.

Source: IWR Online, Dec 12 2020