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15 MW Capacity: Vestas Builds The World's Most Powerful Wind Turbine In Denmark

Aarhus, Denmark - The rapid technical progress in the development of ever more powerful wind turbines continues unabated. It was not long ago that the mark of 10 MW output per wind turbine was exceeded, and now a new milestone is being reached.

Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas is set to install the prototype of the giant V236-15 MW offshore wind turbine at the national test center in Østerild, Denmark. The first project that could use Vestas' new mega wind turbine is the 900 MW He Dreiht offshore wind project in Germany.

New 15 MW turbine from Vestas: most powerful wind turbine in the world

Installation of the prototype, with a capacity of up to 15 MW, is scheduled to take place in the second half of 2022, with production of the first kilowatt-hour of electricity planned for the fourth quarter of the same year. With a height of 280 m and a production capacity of 80 GWh/year (80 million kWh), the prototype will be the tallest and most powerful wind turbine in the world once installed, Vestas points out.

Anders Nielsen, chief technology officer of Vestas, said, "Colleagues across Vestas have worked very hard and collaborated closely to ensure the rapid progress in developing and assembling the V236-15.0 MW prototype, and this announcement is an important step forward for Vestas and our customers. Getting the prototype turbine in the ground will underline how the V236-15.0 MW will raise the bar in terms of technological innovation, industrialisation and scale in the wind energy industry."

Testing of prototype takes place onshore - swept area reaches 43,000 m2

The prototype, with a swept area of 43,000 m2, will be installed onshore to allow easy access for testing prior to installation. The main components of the prototype have already been thoroughly tested and verified at Vestas' and our partners' test facilities. During the initial operating period, Vestas will collect data required to obtain a type certificate, which is an important step on the way to series production of the turbine in 2024.

Number of wind turbines at wind farm level decreases drastically - first deployment in German offshore wind farm possible

The new V235-15.0 MW offshore turbine drastically reduces the number of turbines required for an offshore wind farm. For a 900 MW offshore wind farm, only 60 wind turbines of this power class are required. With turbines in the 10 MW class, it would be 90 turbines. Vestas also expects a 5 percent higher total yield compared to using Vestas 9.5 MW class wind turbines.

Following its launch in February 2021, Vestas secured the status of first pre-selected bidder for the V236-15.0 MW turbine for the 900 MW He Dreiht project in the German North Sea in July 2021.

Source: IWR Online, Oct 10 2021