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Senvion Secures Order in Japan and Opens Office in Tokyo

Hamburg, Germany /Tokyo, Japan

These Senvion turbines will be some of the first wind turbines to comply with rigorous new construction standards introduced by the Japanese Government last year. Senvion is working closely with the Meidensha Corporation, a leading electrical manufacturing company, to deliver the project which is expected to start generating clean electricity in 2017. Senvion has been active in the Japanese market since 2003, and has delivered 68 Senvion turbines with an installed capacity of 118 MW across 16 wind farms.

Kazuhiro Tanaka, General Manager at Senvion Japan, said: "This is an exciting time for wind energy in Japan. The future market for new wind farms looks very promising and we are pleased that there will now be an established local Senvion presence. Senvion

Source: IWR Online, 04 May 2016