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Wind Energy: Wpd With Successful Environmental Assessment For 120 MW Wind Farm In Italy

Bremen, Germany - The project developer Wpd Italia is taking a step forward in the implementation of the Borgo Mezzanone wind project in Apulia. Wpd Italia has now received the decision of the Italian Council of Ministers on the successful environmental impact assessment (EIA).

The project will be built in an area between the towns of Manfredonia and Foggia in the Puglia region. The wind farm will comprise a total of 22 wind turbines with a capacity of 119.35 MW. An annual energy production of more than 370 GWh (370 million kWh) is expected.

In addition to Wpd's Borgo Mezzanone project, other wind onshore projects totalling 207.4 MW have been granted a positive EIA decision, the company said. The assessment of 14 more projects is to follow.

"We are very satisfied," said Mauro Ferrari, managing director of Wpd Italia, about the positive verdict of the Council of Ministers. " In times of an increasingly evident climate and energy crisis, the enormous importance of renewable energies is becoming more and more emphatic. Our projects like Borgo Mezzanone are taking the energy transition important steps forward in Italy as well."

Wpd does not expect any fundamental change in energy policy after the parliamentary elections.

Source: IWR Online, 30 Sep 2022